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    英汉双语阅读训练: (1) My Great-Grandfather

    English Practice: Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks


   [size=22] At the (1)____ of 15 my grandmother became a concubine of a warlord general,the police chief of the government of China. The year was 1924 and China (2)____ in disorder. Much of it, including Northeast China, called Manchuria, where (3)____ grandmother lived, was ruled by warlords. The marriage was arranged (4)____ her father, a police official in the town of Yixian, about 100 miles north of the Great Wall (5)_____ 250 miles northeast of Beijing.


    Like most towns in China, Yixian was built like a fortress. It was(6)______ by walls 30 feet high and 12 feet thick dating from the Tang dynasty (AD 618—907), surmounted by battlements, dotted with 16 forts at regular intervals, wide enough to ride a horse along the top. There(7)_____ 4 gates into the city, with outer protecting defense works surrounded by a deep river.


    The town’s most obvious feature was a tall richly decorated bell tower of dark brown stone, (8)_____ had been built in the sixth century. Every night the bell was (9)_____ to signal the time, and the tower also functioned as a fire and flood alarm. Yixian was a prosperous market town. The plains around (10)_______ cotton, corn, sorghum, bean, sesame,pears, apples and grapes. In the grassland and hills, sheep and cattle could be (11)_____ everywhere.


    My great-grandfather, Yang Ru-shan, was born (12)____ 1894, whenChina was ruled by Emperor Guangxu. The royal family were Manchus who had conquered China in 1644 (13)_____ their base in Manchuria. The Yangs were the Han nationality and moved north of the Great Wall in(14)______ of opportunity.


    My great grandfather was the only son, which (15)_____ him of great importance to his family. Only a son could carry the family name. Without him the family line would stop, which was (16)________as the terrible betrayal of one’s ancestor.


    He was sent to a good school. The goal was for him to pass the examinations to become an (17)_______, which was the greatest desire of most Chinese men at that time. Being an official brought power and power (18)______ money. Without power or (19)______, no Chinese could feel safe from the depredations of officials or random violence. There had never been a proper legal system. Justice was arbitrary and cruelty was (20)______ institutionalized and capricious. An official(21)_____ power was the law. Becoming an official was the only (22)____ that the son of a non-noble family could escape this cycle of injustice and fear.


    Yang Ru-shan’s father had decided his son(23)_____ not follow him into the family business of felt-making, and sacrificed himself and his family to pay for his son’s education. The women took in sewing for local tailors and dressmakers, working (24)_____ into the night. To (25)_____ money, they turned their oil lamps to the minimum, causing lasting damage to their eyes. The joints in their fingers(26)_______ swollen from the long hours of working.


    Following the custom, my great grandfather Yang Ru-shan, was married young, at 14 years old, (27)____ a woman 6 years older. It was considered one of the duties of a (28)_____ to help bring up her husband.


  答案:  1. age 2. was  3. my  4. by  5. and  6. built  7. were  8. which  9. rung  10. produced  11. seen  12. in  13. from  14. search  15. made  16. regarded 17. official  18. brought  19. money  20. both  21. with  22. way  23. should 24. late  25. save 26. became 27. to 28. wife

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    英汉双语阅读训练(2): 十四岁新郎不肯进洞房
    Practice: Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks
    which, brought, that, because, from, my, called, old, carried, women, before, as, on, getting, lived, made, better, suffering, born, pieces, government, was, republic, fought, come, needed

        The story of his wife, my great grandmother, was typical of millions of Chinese (1)_______ of her time. She came (2)_____ a family of tanners called Wu. Because her family was not an intellectual one and did not hold any official post and (3)_______ she was a girl, she was not even given a name at all. Being the second daughter, she was simply (4)______ “No. 2 Girl”. Her father died when she was a baby and she was (5)______ up by an uncle. One day when she was 6 years (6)____, her uncle was dining with Yang Ru-shan’s father whose wife was pregnant. Over dinner the 2 men agreed (7)_____ if the baby was a boy, he would marry the 6-year-old niece when they grew up. That is why 14 years later “No. 2 Girl” became (8)____ great grandmother in 1908.
        The 2 young people never met (9)____ their wedding. In fact falling in love was considered (10)_____ shameful and a family disgrace. At that time young people were not supposed to be exposed to situations in (11)_____ such a thing could happen, partly because it was immoral for them to meet, and partly because marriage was seen, above all, as a duty, an arrangement between 2 families, not for love. With luck, they could fall in love after (12)_______ married.
        在婚礼之前,这两个年轻人从未见过面。实际上,那时候的男女青年 “一见钟情”是不可饶恕的可耻行为,会使两个家族丢尽脸面蒙受羞辱。甚至青年女人的抛头露面,或去了可能遇见男人的场所,都被认为是大逆不道。男女结婚是为了尽义务而不是为了爱情,必须恪守父母之命。如果运气够好,一对夫妻有可能在成婚之后慢慢地培养出爱情来。
        At fourteen, and having (13)_____ a very sheltered life, my great grandfather was still a know-nothing boy. (14)_____ the first night of his marriage, he did not want to go into the wedding-room. He went to bed in his mother’s room and had to be (15)_______ in to his bride after he fell asleep. But, although he was a spoiled child and still (16)______ help to get dressed, he knew how to “plant children”, according to his wife. My grandmother was (17)_____ after a year of the wedding, in early summer 1909. She was in a (18)______ position than her mother, for she was given a name: Yang Yu-fang. “Yang” was her family name; “Yu”, meaning “jade”, was her generation name, given to all the offspring of the same generation, while “fang” means “fragrant flowers”.
        The world she (19)____ born into was one of total unpredictability. The Manchu empire, having ruled China for over 260 years, now was tottering. In 1894 to 1895, Japan attacked China in northeast, with China (20)_______ from devastating defeats and loss of territory. In 1900 the nationalist Boxer Rebellion was put down by 8 foreign armies and the Chinese government. Then in 1904 to 1905 Japan and Russia (21)______ a major war on the plains of Northeast China. Japan’s victory (22)_____ it the dominant outside force.
        In 1911 the 5-year-old emperor of China, Pu Yi, was overthrown and a (23)______ was set up. The new republican (24)______ soon broke down and the country broke up into (25)_____. China again went into disorder, people suffering.
        1911年辛亥革命爆发,5岁的大清国宣统皇帝爱新觉罗· 溥仪被迫退位,1912年1月1日中华民国宣告成立。不久,新生的中华民国发生内乱,国家四分五裂,社会陷入混乱,人民受苦受难,继续生活在水深火热之中。
        The northeast or Manchuria was not affected from the republic, since the Qing Dynasty had (26)_____ from there. Foreign powers, especially Japan, strengthened their efforts to encroach on the area.

    答案:1. women  2. from  3. because  4. called  5. brought  6 old  7 that  8. my  9 before  10 as  11. which  12. getting  13. lived  14. on  15. carried 16. needed  17. born  18. better  19 was  20. suffering  21. fought  22. made  23 republic  24 government 25 pieces 26 come
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    Practice: Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks
    But, which, old, like, valuable, government, by, pieces, long, enough, grandmother, with, pain, feet, bound, lasted, had, were, would, those, piece, on, that, moment, come

        The new republican (1)_____ soon broke down and the country broke up into (2)_____. China again went into disorder, people suffering. The northeast was not affected from the republic, since the Qing Dynasty had (3)_____ from there. Foreign powers, especially Japan, strengthened their efforts to encroach on the area.
        Under all these pressures, the (4)____ institutions broke down, resulting in a vacuum of power, morality, and authority. Many people tried to get to the top (5)____ bribing local powers with expensive gifts (6)_____ gold, silver and jewelry. My great grandfather was not rich (7)______ to buy himself a high position in a big city, and by the time he was 30, he had risen no higher than an official in the police station of his native hometown, Yixian, a provincial backwater. (8)____ he had plans. And he had one (9)______ asset: his daughter Yang Yu-fang.
        My (10)______ was a beauty. She had a beautiful face, with rosy cheeks and lovely skin. Her (11)______ shiny black hair was woven into a thick plait reaching down to her waist. She could be serious when the situation demanded, (12)_____ was most of the time, but inside she was bursting with suppressed energy. She was very pretty, about 5 feet 3 inches tall, (13)_____ a slender figure and lovely shoulders, which (14)_____ considered perfect.
        But her greatest assets were her small, bound feet which were called “3-inch-gold-lilies”. This meant that she walked like a tender young willow shoot in a spring breeze. The sight of a woman walking on (14)_____ feet was supposed to have an attracting effect (15)____ men.
        My grandmother’s (16)_____ had been bound since the age of 2. Her mother, who herself had bound feet, first wound a (17)_____ of white cloth about 20 feet long round her feet, bending all the toes inward. Then she placed a large stone on top to crush the feet. My grandmother screamed in great (18)____ and begged her to stop. Her mother (19)____ to stick a cloth into her mouth to stop her from crying. My grandmother passed out many times from the terrible pain.
        The process (20)_____ several years. Even after the bones had been broken, the feet had to be bound day and night in thick cloth because the (21)_____ they were released, they would try to recover. For years my grandmother lived in relentless excruciating pain. When she pleaded with her mother to untie the binding, her mother (22)_____ weep and tell her that unbound feet would ruin her entire life, and (23)____ she was doing it for her own future happiness. In (24)_____ days, when a woman was married, the first thing the bridegroom’s family did was to examine her feet. Large feet, meaning natural feet, were considered to bring shame on the husband’s household.

    答案:1. government  2. pieces  3. come  4. old  5. by  6. like  7. enough  8. But  9. valuable  10. grandmother  11. long  12. which  13. with  14. bound  15. on  16. feet  17. piece  18. pain  19. had  20. lasted  21. moment  22. would  23. that  24. those
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    Practice: Choose the most proper words to fill in the blanks
    but, when, daughter, feet, those, ago, be, household, my covered, grew, who, were, only, do, did

        In (1)_____ days, when a woman was married, the first thing the bridegroom’s family (2)____ was to examine her feet. Large feet, meaning natural (3)_____, were considered to bring shame on the husband’s (4)_______. The mother-in-law would lift the bride’s long skirt, and if the feet (5)_____ more than 4 inches long, she would throw down the skirt in anger and walk off, leaving the bride to the critical gaze of the wedding guests, (6)___ would stare at her feet and insultingly whisper their disdain.
        Sometimes a mother would take pity on her (7)_____ and remove the binding cloth; but when the girl (8)____ up and had to endure the disdain of her husband’s family and society, she would blame her mother for having been too weak.
        The practice of binding feet was first introduced about 1000 years (9)____ by a concubine of the emperor. Not (10)____ was the sight of women walking on tiny feet considered beautiful (11)____ also men would get excited playing with bound feet, which were always hidden in embroidered silk shoes.
        Women could not remove the binding cloths even (12)____ they were adults, as their feet would start growing again. The binding could only (13)___ loosened at night in bed, when they would put on soft shoes.
        Men seldom saw naked bound feet, which were usually (14)        in rotting flesh and smelled bad and terrible when the bindings were removed. As a child, I can remember (15)____ grandmother being in constant pain. When we came home from shopping, the first thing she would (16)____ was soak her feet .

    答案:1. those  2 did  3 feet  4. household  5 were  6who  7 daughter  8 grew  9 ago  10. only  11. but  12. when  13. be  14. covered  15. my  16. do
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