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冬季风暴 于 2017/7/13 14:31:07 发布在 凯迪社区 > 猫眼看人

    chinese will have differnt body shape,, legs are too short ..

    bottom portion of the body is too short …




    Indian women are the best-looking women in the world. Indian women have a slender and graceful facial and body form which Chinese women lack. Indian women have a sexy and vibrant skin tone which Chinese women lack.



    hahaha. now that China has won the miss world, they have started to think themselves very beautiful. To me all of them look the same. If we send Aishwarya to China the chinese men will blush in mass. Crowd blushing will happen. If she throws a flying kiss, half of china will fall in acute infatuation and crush. Unfortunately the tiny chinese will be half the height of Aish and 1/4th of her father in law. LOL





    Indian women are all around beautiful anytime with a conservative look always.In their traditional attire they are unmatched anytime.Fair or dark ,Indian women are and will always be Indian women ,an epitome of beauty anytime according to me.In a saree and a bindi an Indian woman will be a cynosure of all eyes .




    I strongly agree that indian(we) are more beautiful than chinese.but their skin complexion and body structure is nice(except face).we were in china for some years.most of the time it happens when i admire dress, hair style from the back, i regret after seeing their face.a friend of mine used to describe chinese people structure as tweety bird(big face for the body), but i admire their hip………

    kodi idai endrum kooralam…………….





    chinese will have differnt body shape,, legs are too short ..

    bottom portion of the body is too short …



    Sunil Menon (Mumbai)

    When I see a Chinese girl or a boy, I feel like seeing a frog face with tweaked eyes. Black or white skin is okay which is human beings colour. Yellow people is jaundice coloured skin. Not so attractive, but pale in look. Chinese people looks like they are alien of this world.

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    Ramesh Sargam (Bangalore, India)

    An absurd statement and observation by the Chinese. I can say *Grow Up Chinese*. But that will not happen. Average Chinese height is around 3 feet. Beyond that they will not grow. And just imagine how much the brain size inside the 3 feet Chinese people. That is also small and doesn*t think beyond certain limit. Lol.

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    China ka baap (USA) 22 hrs ago

    Chinese men have microscopic dipsticks, that is precisely why they love consuming stuff like powdered horns of exotic animals and dried human flesh. They have driven several animal and plant species to extinction in their lust for raising their national average to 2.5 cm.

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    中国男人的那根“量油尺”太小了,这恰恰是他们喜欢吃诸如野生动物的角粉和干人肉的原因。为了让全国男人命根的平均长度增加2.5厘米,几种动物因此濒临灭绝。(楼主:这网友太TMD鸡动了 谈论中国女人把中国男人也拉进来了)



    ...that was the main reason they are unable to see properly to Aish...lollzzzz...n dey don*t have even nose also to wear nose ring..

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    I we Indians no matter are black or white skinned, we have beuatiful features unlike chinese who have small eyes and flat nose which gives the impression of a punctured faceAgree (16)Disagree (11)Recommend (9)



    Ram (Ndls) 22 hrs ago

    It is difficult to identify a particular chinese man from a chinese group just like it is difficult to identify a monkey from its group. The all look more or less similar.

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    donkeydo (Africa) 22 hrs ago

    The chinese forget that they are ugly looking mongoloids and they look no different from the africanoids if painted dark.

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    Ali (Delhi) replies to donkeydo 21 hrs ago

    bro dont downgrade Africans by comparing with these Chinese,Africans are black but you will find ample sweeties & beauties, but you cant find a single Chinese with good facial shape in day light. aisa lagta hai upr wale ne inke face pe iron chla dia ho, naak r kaan me fark hi na maloom padta hai...koi in chiniyo ka no. de inki mai ma bahan ek karta hun.

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    Chinees women dont have nice long noses to hold a nose ring hence they cant weare it.



    印度平民美女 中国的确出不了这种气质高贵 冷艳的美人


    Desi (Bharat) 1 day ago

    Aleast we all look different not like chini where husband and wife look like brother and sister )

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    我们至少看起来不同。中国佬呢,丈夫和妻子看起来就像是哥哥和妹妹 )


    Sankar (new York) 1 day ago

    Indians are darker and we are proud of it. But the analogy is weird. If we like gold because of black skin then there should be a big market for spectacles in China because they have eyes the size of buttons. (no pun intended!) but again majority of them don*t have noses to rest them on. That might be why. Not that anything is wrong with that

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    Chinese have homogenous face i.e, a male face is similar to a female face. Even their color is same like the noddles they eat. There should not be any outcry because of that.....

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